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About Us

Our Origins

Spectrum Engineering was established in 1986 to provide independent spectrum management consultancy services to major government and corporate clients in Australia.

For over three decades we have maintained our position as the industry leader in this field. We have developed an impressive range of software tools and facilities which enable us to respond quickly and accurately to requests for service. We have led the way in public access to the government register of frequency assignments. Most importantly we have genuine expertise and experience in frequency management, expertise that is borne of an active involvement by our company's Principal in this area since 1981.

Who can we help...

Spectrum Engineering can be of assistance to virtually all users, planners and suppliers in the radiocommunications industry. Our clients include:

  • Large government organisations, instrumentalities and private companies who may have substantial in-house radiocommunications expertise but who lack specialist capability in frequency planning;
  • Smaller users of radio who may lack the in-house expertise necessary to plan and maintain their systems;
  • Organisations experiencing short-term overload of engineering capability because of staff shortages or the excessive demands of new projects;
  • Industry suppliers, both local and overseas, the success of whose radio product will depend critically on an understanding of spectrum opportunities;
  • General consultants to the telecommunications industry who lack the detailed knowledge to optimally resolve the radio/spectrum aspect of their projects;
  • Industry organisations in the development of optimum tender responses for major projects or in the formulation of new technology solutions having novel or unusual spectrum requirements.

The Future

Radiocommunications has taken on a very significant role in the development of telecommunications networks in recent years. Nowhere is this more evident than in the rapidly expanding field of mobile and personal communications. Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint fixed services (including broadband wireless access) are also experiencing rapid growth particularly through the exploitation of the higher microwave bands. And the key to all of this is access to the radio frequency spectrum.

Consistent with our specialist philosophy Spectrum Engineering will continue to focus on that which we do best. As the level of detailed government involvement in frequency management continues to diminish, our frequency planning expertise and capability will be recognised by more and more radio spectrum users as the preferred alternative.