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Coordination and Licensing Forms and Procedures

  Document Size Comment
About using the forms (pdf) 23 KB Using Spectrum Engineering's data collection forms (information only)
Form 1 - Links (pdf)   50 KB Fixed point-to-point link information
Form 2 - Land Mobile (pdf) 86 KB Land Mobile, Point to Multipoint and Ambulatory type services etc.
Form 3 - Site Details (pdf) 56 KB Site information
Form 4 - Client Details (pdf) 53 KB Client information
Form 5 - Fixed Earth 21 KB Fixed Earth or Earth Receive
Form 6 - Space 21 KB Space or Space Receive
Coordination and Licensing (pdf) 16 KB Summary of procedure for coordination and licensing (information only)
Pack: All (zip) 181 KB All of the above


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Our forms can be opened, filled out and saved using the following software

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  • Adobe Acrobat Standard/Professional 6.0 and newer.
  • Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice
  • Other third party pdf, xls or xlsx software may also work - though we have not done extensive testing.