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Under the concept of  "accreditation" introduced in Australia in 1996 non-government engineers (consultants or commercially employed engineers) are "accredited" to carry out the technical frequency co-ordination and assignment work in preparation for the licensing of radiocommunications services. This system has the potential for application in other countries around the world. The key requirements for such a regime include:

  • a database of existing services
  • codification of the licensing rules and procedures
  • a "commercial incentive" , ie a regime where the government regulator itself charges a commercially viable fee for its services also, if indeed the government intends to continue to offer the service.

Spectrum Engineering has provided preliminary information to several administrations contemplating the possible application of a similar regime. We would welcome the opportunity to provide advice or assistance with the adaptation of this system in other countries.

New Zealand

In October 2004 the New Zealand spectrum regulatory authority introduced a system whereby "Approved Radio Engineers" (AREs) and "Approved Radio Certifiers" (ARCs) can participate in frequency co-ordination and licensing of radio licences. In response to an invitation from the New Zealand authority, Spectrum Engineering has adapted its extensive Australian software tools and facilities and since 2005 has been heavily involved in the provision of point-to-point coordination and radio certification in that market.