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Frequency Management Specialists
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Frequency Coordination and Licensing

Our core business is the provision of frequency co-ordination services for the licensing of radio systems. We have staff that are accredited under the Radiocommunications Act 1992 to issue frequency assignment certificates and interference impact certificates - indeed we were the first company to be in that position.


We maintain extensive software facilities for frequency coordination of:

  • fixed point-to-point
  • point-to-multipoint
  • land-mobile
  • paging systems
  • satellite earth stations (terrestrial co-ordination)

Essential for real-time co-ordination, we maintain a daily updated copy of the Australian Communications and Media Authority's RRL data (Register of Radiocommunications Licences).

Our software has been developed in-house to work specifically in the Australian and New Zealand environment. It incorporates over two decades of frequency coordination experience and is regularly updated to keep pace with changes to the regulations or operating procedures.

We have an impressive track-record of being able to quickly respond to any request. We have the capacity to handle any job, from a one-off licence to large network roll-outs involving many hundreds of licences.

How to Obtain a Licence Through Us

Obtaining a licence through Spectrum Engineering is simple but we suggest that if you haven't used our licensing services before to please give us a call or send us an email. We'll be happy to discuss the process with you.

In general the procedure is as follows:

  • Send us the specifications of the system you are proposing to licence - an application submitted via our online facilities is our preferred method of submission, or alternatively you can fill out a pdf form available on our forms page.
  • We'll perform a coordination study to determine if suitable assignments are available. Depending on the outcome of the analysis we'll present you with a licensing solution ready for your approval. If there are problems we will contact you to discuss possible options.
  • Once you give us the go-ahead we'll submit the licence application(s) electronically to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) along with our "Frequency Assignment Certificate".
  • Assuming all is in order the ACMA will contact you for the initial licence fees or they can debit the amount directly from your ACMA account. Alternatively, we can pre-pay the ACMA fees for you and recover the costs in our invoice; this can expedite the process.
  • Once the licence fees are paid the ACMA will grant and email or mail the licence(s) to you.