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Established 1986, Spectrum Engineering Australia is a Canberra based firm providing engineering consultancy services to major corporate and government clients in the telecommunications, broadcasting, and radiocommunications industries.

Our niche within this field is radio frequency management. Formerly the exclusive domain of the government regulator, a system of accreditation was established in the mid nineties whereby private operators could undertake aspects of the engineering work associated with the mandatory licensing of radio communications services. In 1996 we became the first company to have staff accredited by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) under the Accredited Persons Scheme.

With over thirty-five years of experience in radio frequency management we are ideally positioned to assist you with the design and licensing of systems ranging from an individual service to an entire countrywide network. Indeed we were in the business of spectrum management long before spectrum management became a business!

Our office is located in the Belconnen Town Centre in the Australian Capital Territory where we have the facilities necessary to undertake projects both locally and remotely. We are ideally located also to maintain an effective working relationship with the ACMA that we have developed over many years.