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ACMA Fee Calculator

The ACMA Fee Calculator can be used to produce an estimate of ACMA licence taxes and charges.

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- The ACMA Fee Calculator has been updated to reflect the new Apparatus Licence Fee Schedule that came into effect on 5/4/2024.

- The ACMA Charges and Taxes are estimates only, based on our interpretation of information contained in the current "Licence Taxes" and "Charges" Determinations that are revised periodically. Whilst every endeavour has been made to estimate these amounts correctly the amounts payable will be as determined by ACMA at the time of licensing.
- This tool only includes components that relate to ACMA Charges and Taxes for new licences (i.e. not licence variations). Spectrum Engineering Australia's Frequency Coordination and Licence Application fee has not been included.
- Certain licences or licensees may be eligible for ACMA licence tax concessions. Such concessions have not been included in the estimate.
- For a fee estimate for any licence types and categories that are not included in the tool, or if you're uncertain as to which types or categories apply in your case, please contact us directly.