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Online Facilities for Clients & Affiliates

As part of our commitment to continued improvement in our spectrum management and licensing services we are pleased to announce the introduction of our online facilities which are now available to our clients and affiliates. Here are some of the features currently offered:

Online Licence Applications

It is now possible to apply for licences using our online system via easy-to-use web-based forms. The online system has been designed to replace our current PDF application forms with web-based versions, the objective being to increase the ease and efficiency of the application process.

Benefits of the online system:

  • A better-informed application process – key details are available from searchable fields or drop-down boxes, for example there is no need to independently search ACMA’s register for client and site IDs.
  • Email is removed from the application process. 
  • Less opportunity for error – the web-based form includes some error checking and checking for completeness - hence less need for follow-ups to resolve incorrect or missing information. 
  • Users have an ongoing record of submitted applications.
  • The facility is free and access is exclusively for our clients.

We invite you to try out the system as an alternative to the current method of submitting licence applications. Note that the PDF form process will continue to be available for some time.

Miscellaneous Tools

We are also providing some additional tools to assist with management of your radio-frequency licences. Currently these Include:

  • Ability to plot licences to Google Earth
  • Ability to export licence details to a spreadsheet

Other useful tools will be included as they are developed.


If you would like access to our online facilities please register to apply for a user account. These facilities are made available at no charge and on a “best endeavours” basis for use by approved clients. Please contact us if you would like more information.